Bright Choices Exchange

PBC partners with Liazon to offer the Bright Choices Exchange

This new approach of delivering benefits to employees allows them the flexibility to select the benefit plan that best suits their needs.  Check out the video for an overview of this new approach.

How Our Exchange Works

Want to see how our system works?  Check out this video to see what your employees will experience.  This system has proven to increase employee satisfaction while allowing companies to control insurance costs.

Group Health & Benefits

Professional Benefits Consultants treat every client differently with the understanding that every employer has different needs.  Instead of anticipating the needs you may have, we listen to the likes and dislikes you have about your current group health and employee benefits. From there, we ask questions and then develop a strategy that will help you meet your goals.

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Individual Health

Individual Health Insurance is a good way for you and your family to aquire health insuance coverage if you are between jobs, unemployed, or just not offered heatlh insurance from your employer. Premiums will vary based on your location, deductible selection, plan selection, and your health condition.  Individual health insurance is not guaranteed and all applicants will be medically underwritten.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance is not about you, it’s about the people closest to you. With one of our Life Insurance policies, you can sleep well knowing that your family or business is in good hands. Life insurance can be used to protect family and loved ones as well as companies. Companies buy life insurance in the form of “Key Employee” life insurance to ensure the company can survive should something happen to the owner or other key employees.

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Disability Insurance

Accidents or illness can strike anyone at anytime. And the resulting disability from an injury can mean a significant loss in the standard of living for you and your loved ones. But though you may be sidelined, life and living expenses keep coming. That’s why we offer great Disability Insurance plans to help you pay the bills even when you can’t work.

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