Company Bio


Our mission is to equip individuals and companies with the insurance tools they need to fully prepare for the unexpected challenges and daily needs that arise in the course of life and business.

Core Values

Professional Benefits Consultants relies on its core values to determine the direction of the company and delivery of the services we provide. Below are the 5 Core Values that guide our company and the commitment we make to our clients:

Engagement: active, consistent interaction with clients to pro-actively discover and meet their insurance needs. Insurance needs and service problems cannot be identified and solved without genuinely engaging a client and working for their best interest.

Respect: trust is essential to healthy, productive relationships, but is hindered where no respect exists. We will demonstrate the utmost respect and consideration toward our clients in order to build a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship between PBC and our clients.

Humility: we believe in taking responsibility for one’s actions, treating others as we’d like to be treated, and approaching life and business with a desire for continuous learning. Each of these tenets necessitates a character of humility to put into action.

Perspective: a client is not just another customer. And an opportunity to save them money or match them to the perfect plan is not just another day at the office. Our clients are real people with real families and real world concerns, and we treat them as such. If we can save a client $300 – $500 on a plan that’s right for them, we may have helped them pay for this month’s grocery bill, a not insignificant contribution given the recent state of the economy.

Excellence: given our emphasis on perspective and the true value we can bring to our clients, it is essential that we deliver our service with excellence. From the routine client experience to the quality and fit of the policies we write, we strive to provide the highest level of service in our industry.


To leave the world, our clients, and everyone we meet better off than when we first found them.